Mackenzie Charitable Foundation

Organisations that have benefitted from the foundation

Association with Advance Ashburton Community Foundation

The Mackenzie Charitable Foundation has worked collaboratively with Advance Ashburton Community Foundation for the betterment of our district. In particular:

  • The $1,500,000 community contribution to the rebuild of the operating theatres and earthquake repairs to the main buildings at Ashburton Hospital
  • The acquisition of the Mona Square property for the Cancer Society
  • The BOOST Literacy Programme delivered by the Ashburton Learning Centre
  • The establishment of the Rural Health Academic Centre based at Ashburton Hospital

We believe that a close association between our two Foundations can enable us to harness the joint resources for more transformational projects that will meet the wishes of Alan and Don Mackenzie as required in the trust deed for the Foundation.

To assist in that association Advance Ashburton provides us with full secretarial, accounting and administration services.

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